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What to eat after surgery?

Lex Lu

food tips for after surgery

Swelling is going to happen every person is different! Dont go by how someone you know body bloated up or whatever changes may have happened. in due time you will heal the body has had a traumatic change rest your mind & worry about healing properly.

Everyone says feed the fat ,feed the fat! At least make it healthy fats.

Healthy fats, protein and nutrient rich fruits and veggies. Nuts, avocados, salmon, greens, spinach.

High protein/low salt diet with lots of leafy green veggies. Avocados, beans, nuts, full fat yogurt, healthy grains, peanut butter, and add Collagen to your shakes. Grilled/baked chicken and salmon, omelets, oatmeal ,red meats & fish. Try to avoid salty foods and sugars if you can.

It’s inevitable that you lose some fat ,

100% of the fat never survives… keep that in mind , also swelling will does go down in the first few weeks. So don’t beat yourself up ,Just get as much fats as you can in, it’s important to have as much (if not more) calories than you need.

your body eats it’s stored fat and when u don’t provide enough. So make sure your providing enough so your

Body doesn’t want to eat your stored

Fat ‘ that’s key !! IE - calorie deficit

Stay hydrated: Water ,Gatorade ,pineapple juice etc......

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