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Sx dolls botched stories

Lex Lu

We go in hoping for great results when some Drs only care about coins vs great reults

Story from a Sx Doll

I am sharing my personal botched story & some of my photos to spread awareness & help others because too many of us end up suffering and even dying at the hands of ‘surgeons’ that are not properly certified and trained - that also lack experience in proper pre op and post op care (especially abroad).

I was recently botched in Mexico by Dr Mauricio De La Paz Avila - who falsely represented himself as a board-certified plastic surgeon. These are just SOME of the areas he permanently botched. These are severe lipo burns (on my stomach and back) caused by an aggressive lipo, whereby Dr De La Paz excessively lipo’d the exact same areas under the skin over and over and over again, which caused my skin to burn from inside out.

He also botched & disfigured my legs after he had transferred fat to what was supposed to be my outer thighs. Immediately after surgery I noticed a large lump on the right leg and experienced pain and difficulty walking, but he said he didn’t know why the lump was there. So THREE weeks after the original botched surgery, he decided to operate on the right leg again to remove some of the fat that he had previously placed there. He promised the procedure was quick, painless and safe, and so I trusted him because I wanted to heal so bad. But what happened next was even more traumatic than the original botched surgery. He kept me awake the entire time he lipo’d my leg and I felt everything. I remember crying and screaming in pain, but he just kept going and ignored the excruciating pain I was in. The lipo was unsuccessful and he botched my leg even more. Both of my legs are visibly disfigured, lumpy and uneven which also left with an uneven contour.

This entire experience (from then to now) has been very traumatic because every day I am reminded of what this man has done to me - and every day, I am still fighting to heal. The mental and emotional recovery is much greater, longer and even more painful than the physical.

I was told by 2 US surgeons that Dr De La Paz performed way too many surgeries on me all at once, that he was too aggressive and inexperienced and that I am lucky to be alive today. Two other US surgeons turned me down for reconstructive surgery because they simply are not comfortable performing surgery on me given the damage and all that I’ve been thru.

I will share my story in more more details, including photos of other areas that he botched, other complications I had & my road to recovery (which is still ongoing). But in the meantime, I truly hope that this post can bring awareness and encourage anyone who wants to have surgery (especially abroad) to ALWAYS do a thorough research, to watch out for any red flags, and to check the person’s credentials, experience and specialty.

Referrals/reviews, a “good” price, a large social media following, or even “nice post op” photos, DO NOT mean that the person performing your surgery is qualified and licensed! If a person is NOT properly licensed, truly experienced, and qualified, he/she should NOT pretend to be nor perform any surgeries.

Plastic surgery is a life changing decision! So please! Take time to do the research and take time to decide who to go to! And don’t let the price drive your decision!

When you’ve hated or disliked your body (or body parts) for so long, and you’re finally ready to take this journey, don’t rush to do it! I never thought I’d still be fighting to heal from this experience & fighting even harder today to love myself.

Surgery always comes with a risk... but you can minimize it by educating yourself first and doing the research.

***As for Dr Mauricio De La Paz, he posted a visibly edited photo of me on the surgrry table on his IG which clearly shows he smudged the bruising on my body - and he captioned the photo “always amazing results”. Then he blocked me from social media after I started sharing my story.

Also, I later learned that there is a large number of other women that he botched (and then blocked). There is a private IG group called: @drdelapazbotchedme - where those botched women shared their stories (including my story). I am sharing their IG page in case anyone would like to take a look at the other women’s stories.


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