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Dr's deaths

Lex Lu

Botched & surgery deaths

Dr. Jose Desena’s reviews landed him in the hot waters. People criticized him for being responsible for several deaths. 

Dr. Jose Desena, a plastic surgeon, focuses on performing facial surgery as well as making changes to the skin and other parts of the face. 

Plastic surgery performed by Dr. Jose Desena carried a high risk of complications and fatalities. The Doctor receives online criticism. 

The most recent petition revealed multiple facts against Dr. Jose. He claims to be a surgeon, but he appears to be the best, which results in a number of the individuals he performs dying.

Numerous incidents involving him show how he deceived others and how his ignorance had terrible consequences.

Patients and their families hold the surgeon responsible for any mistakes made during the procedure.

If you’re wondering how Dr. Desena Death started, it all began with the death of the patient he performed the surgery. She passed away a few days after the procedure, and the hospital insisted on keeping her body.

After sharing it on social media, numerous people soon started a campaign to spread the message.

What Happened To Dr. Jose Desena Patients?

In the year 2020, Dr. Jose Desena rose to prominence online after a woman who underwent surgery at his clinic died in the midst of the outbreak. 

For unknown reasons, the clinic preserved the patient’s body. Dr. Jose also told the family that it was a natural death after determining the cause of death.

One patient alleged that the Doctor was dangerous and could inflict death and other illnesses.

It was reported that During the process, the surgeon slices the organs, which could cause death or irreparable injury. 

Several patients claimed that he was not allowed to work for his clients. According to Dr. Jose Desena’s reviews, more than 1,000 patients died due to his treatments.

Cristal Jones, one of Dr. Jose’s victims, required cosmetic surgery to treat third-degree bodily injuries. 

She filed the petition because she assured Dr. Jose that her problem was small, yet he mishandled her case and left her suffering due to the treatment.

In July 2020, a woman visited Dr. Jose for cosmetic procedures during the epidemic in the United States. Sadly, she passed away after the process was finished. 

Her family did not receive her body back. Most frequently, deaths were attributed to organic causes.

Dr. Jose Desena Negative Reviews

Dr. Jose Desena’s patients left a negative review for him and criticized him too.

A patient claimed that he was responsible for several deaths. The second patient claimed he was a terrible doctor who produces critical signs and death.

Some claim that he explodes organs during surgery, causing permanent damage or even death. Numerous people have said they won’t allow him to operate on their patients.

According to Dr. Jose Desena’s reviews, more than 1,000 people died due to his plastic surgery procedure.

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