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Botched TT- BBD

Lex Lu

Botched TT- Beware of BBD


If you are considering a tummy tuck, please search for another doctor. She has botched so many TT on multiple dolls. Unfortunately, bc they blacklist and mute the dolls that come forward, many are not aware. The coordinators filter what results they show. They edit your after photos to boost inquiries. The coordinators bully the dolls that speak along with the groupies that had decent results. But Dra. Ledesma butchers a high percentage of the TTs she does and then you’re thrown to the side like scraps. I’ve been in contact with multiple dolls who have experienced the same traumatic experience that I’m still enduring currently. Narcosis. Infection. Fever. Wound Vac. Hospitalization. You name it. Then they blame it on the doll for “bad hygiene”, “poor post op care”, “not following the doctors instructions”, or even “the recovery house” you chose to stay at. Yes, she’ll ask you to come back to her but if I would of stayed there, like some chose, I would have been even worse off if not dead. Then to make up for the trauma, they’ll offer additional “free” Lipo once you heal. But refuse to refund any parts of your money.

For those that are interested I can share my story via DM, but here’s some pictures just to show you. I’ve been in the hospital now over a month. In pain and away from my family. Insurance not wanting to pay for over $400,000 of emergency care nor any at home care bc this was an elective surgery done out of the country. Which something else to think about when having plastic surgery.

Ultimately, you’re going to do what you feel is right, but I am telling you to AVOID this doctor at all cost. I was silent for many reasons. But I keep seeing more n more stories and this doctor needs to be STOPPED Please research and do not go to Dra. Ledesma.

Just the beginning It gets more graphic then this

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